Upon receipt of assignments from you, I will: Confirm receipt of loan packet, review packet to ensure all documents received, establish a contact for handling any issues that may arise, schedule/confirm signing appointment with customers, confirm receipt/review of copies by the buyer(s), advise to contact lender to resolve any issues, notify you of appointment confirmation, confirm directions to location for signing with the customer.

Upon completion of signing, I will: review the documents for all signatures, initials, and notarizations (before leaving the customer), notify you of completed signing, return documents via your delivery provider, confirm delivery with provider, and confirm receipt with company contact.

Rate is $100-200 per signing (dependent on mileage). Please contact me for further discussion.

Fully licensed and bonded.

Commissioned Online Notary Public – Eff. 05/06/2020




Eff: 05/06/2020 – E-Signing Notary Agent – ID#12047760